Different Options for Shipping a Car
Roll-on/roll-off (RORO)
Roll-on/roll-off, or “RORO”, is considered the cheapest & most simple option for delivery your car international. The cargo is “rolled on” the vessel at the port of launching, and “rolled off” again at the point of destination.

It’s important to notice that you cannot ship personal effects when using RORO; any inner cargo will never be accepted up to speed. To find out more on how to prep your car for RORO move, consult our RORO prep page.

Taurus Logistics generally recommend RORO over pot shipping. For additional information about why we recommend this program, make reference to our RORO recommendation page.

Container Shipping
In this technique, container ships are being used to transport your cargo overseas in large intermodal storage containers. This option is commonly more expensive, but can be ideal if you have extra items to ship together with your vehicle.

When choosing box transport, it’s important to keep in mind that all extra items must be accounted for and any bins marked evidently. Providing us a set of details will ensure no items are overlooked when emptied for Quarantine/during inspection at Traditions. For additional information relating to this method, talk to our Container Shipping page.
This depends after where you want to want to ship your car, because regulations on importing and exporting cars are different for every country. However, there are certainly some common types of procedures in vehicle transport. Visit:

Make sure your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside and out, ideally with a steam cleaner, to ensure all dirt and contaminants from the lower and engine bay are removed. If you don’t wish to accomplish this personally we offer the service in choose locations.
When shipping over a RORO vessel personal items must not be kept in the automobile or the automobile will never be accepted on board. If you would like to ship some personal belongings then we can insert the automobile into a pot but this is normally a more expensive option.
If you’re taking right out Marine Insurance which we recommend, then you need to ensure you have a pre-inspection record completed by an unbiased insurance assessor.

Costs to Consider When Shipping a Car
When planning international car delivery, there are several costs you will need to factor in to ascertain if it’s well worth enough time and money. Moreover in some countries, transfer permits and vehicle expectations such as impact and emissions are pre-requisites for access.

Items you will need to consider for car shipping include:

How much does it cost to ship my car to the destination?
What taxes, duties, GST, or VAT will be applicable to pay at the destination country?
What are the on highway compliance charges?
Generally we advise that if your vehicle is worth around NZ$7,000 / AUD$ 5,600 / US$4,600, it’s worth looking at vehicle shipping.

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