Do You Know About Bubbler and How to Use It?

In this article, we shall discuss about bubbler and what it can offer you and few basic things that you must know before you use any bubbler. Nowadays, it is becoming quite a popular item for smokers.

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What is bubbler?

Bubbler is certain kind of water pipe which has few similarities with bongs and bowls. Typically, they are smaller than bongs, having main chamber under your bowl pack which fills with water.

There are many different bubblers types available. Few of them may have percolators, while few are having longer necks or may be with more intricate designs. Mostly bubblers are used if you want to smoke dry herbs and usually are designed in single piece.

Different bubbler types

There are many different varieties of bubblers can be found and following are few most commonly available.

  1. Hammer bubbler
  2. Sidecar bubbler
  3. Double bubbler
  4. Glass bubbler
  5. Sherlock bubbler
  6. Percolator bubbler
  7. Silicone bubbler
  8. Mini bubbler

How to use bubbler?

Bubbler can be easily used and you need to follow the following few simple steps.

  • Fill with water

Fill the bubbler with water and pour it in the mouthpiece and not bowl pack. Fill your bubbler till it sounds right as you inhale. With experience you will be able to0 fill the right water amount.

  • Pack your bowl

Make sure you pack on flat surface, to avoid splashing water on the herbs. Also, avoid packing the bowl extra tight, which can restrict airflow and will be hard to smoke. Prefer not pack too loosely, to avoid burning the herbs too fast.

  • Light the bowl to inhale

For smoking, just light your herbs to inhale by using your finger on rush hole, to create vacuum and also get good suction for lighting the bowl to create smoke.

For getting most out of the bubbler, the first thing that you need to do is light the corners and not in the middle.

  • Take your hit and pass

After you have sufficiently inhaled, then take finger off from the rush hole to inhale. You may sit back, exhale and cough to and enjoy your ride. You can pass it to next in queue before you engage in long talk and the flame continue to burn out.

You will be then disliked by others around you.

  • Clear the bowl and empty all water when done

After you have finished with the bubbler, ensure that you dump out all water remaining, so that it does not spill and odor builds up, together with mold and bacteria.

One disadvantage of bubblers is, unless you decide to keep them in any one place, it will be difficult to smoke only half of one, as you will always have to maintain it full.

You can also dump the water from the bowl. For maintaining clean bubbler, you must at least use paper towel to clean out your bowl pack after you have finished smoking.

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