3 Commonly Asked Questions About Background Check Disclosures

When you apply for a job, an employer considering you will probably run a background check. This will be to ensure that there are no red flags about your past or personal life. These checks can either be done on a website or more thoroughly by a third party. In some cases, the employer will need your permission before running a check. This could be done during the interview process or after you’ve been hired. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about signing a background check disclosure.

Does the Employer Need Consent?

Whether or not the employer needs consent to run a background check depends on multiple factors, including what they’re looking for, who is looking for it, and where they are located. In general, written consent will be needed if the employer will be using a third party. This might be done for a more thorough investigation as third party background check firms have greater access to information. Even if the employer does their own background check, they might need the person’s permission to check more personal information, such as their credit report. This depends on the state’s laws regarding these checks. It’s usually a good idea for employers to ask for permission regardless as this ensures that they’ll avoid any potential problems following the check.

Does the Applicant Have to Give Consent?

When provided with a consent form for a background check, it’s completely up to the applicant whether they want to sign it or not. If they decide not to give consent, the employer will not be able to run the full background check that they desire. Should this situation occur, it’s important to remember that there’s a reason why the employer is going through the trouble of running the check. If the applicant won’t allow the employer to look into their background, it could take them out of the running for the position. While there are laws regarding what they can consider in a check, an employer can refuse to hire someone if they won’t let them look into their background.

Can An Employer Consider a Credit Report?

Generally, employers can look at an applicant’s credit report if they’re given permission. However, the laws regarding this action have changed over time. The economic downturn in recent years severely damaged the credit rating of many people. In many cases, this wasn’t entirely their fault. For this reason, some states have created limitations as to the decisions that can be made by employers when using a credit report.

When a person applies for a job, the employer will probably run a background check. Depending on the check they run, the employer might require consent from the candidate. These are three commonly asked questions about a background check disclosure.

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