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A Brief Guide To Learn About Sewer Cleanout

A sewer cleanout is very essential when you begin to experience issues with the sewer system. It becomes an important tool for detection when the sewer system is located in the yard.

In this article, we will tell you more about sewer cleanout and how it can solve issues in your sewer line.

What is a Sewer Cleanout?

A sewer cleanout is a pipe that provides access to the sewer system of the home. Fixtures such as faucets, toilets, etc. are joined to the pipes that are buried underground. Sewer cleanout pipes are present outside close to the boundary of the house. They are attached to the primary sewer line of the house.

USA Borescope is a reputed firm that sells superior-quality push camera in various specifications. These cameras help in precise and effective detection of damages, faults, and breaks in the sewer line.

Types of Sewer Cleanouts

Sewer cleanouts are classified into two main types such as.

  • One-way Cleanout

A one-way cleanout enables access in only one direction.

  • Two-way Cleanout

A two-way cleanout is a U-shaped pipe that provides access to the yard as well as the house lines.

Why a Sewer Cleanout is needed?

A Sewer Cleanout is a necessary need in any home. This is because all types of sewer pipes run below the foundation of the home. This makes it difficult to find out the exact location of the problem. Due to the difficulty in reaching these areas, problems such as stoppages, breaks, leaks, tree roots, bellying can’t be identified.

In this case, sewer cleanouts serve a big role. They are generally used for the aim of testing. Plumbing professionals send sewer inspection cameras into the sewer cleanout via the lines to examine. In some cases, the sewer cleanouts are also used to remove a blockage with the help of a sewer machine.

Sometimes you would not require tools to find out if anything is wrong. Standing water in the cleanout pipes indicates a stoppage in the line that prevents the water from draining out to the city line. In this way, sewer cleanouts are vital to use in the examination of the sewer line.

Is Sewer Cleanout Provided in All Homes?

All modern homes are designed with a sewer cleanout. The exceptions are only those houses that are older and where the cleanout was not originally installed.

Also, the house-made up of cast iron or a PVC house does not have a sewer cleanout fitted as part of the system. In such a case, there is no need to replace your existing system with a new sewer cleanout.

It is only required to add a new and efficient sewer cleanout into the existing cast iron system. This is a cost-effective solution for people who live in homes that do not have a sewer cleanout installation. Plumbing professionals can help you in getting this task done.


A sewer cleanout using camera inspection can assist you to get to root of the cause quickly. The quick and precise detection of the sewer line will help resume your daily activities quickly.

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