Reasons Why Toilets Get Clogged and How to Prevent It

Toilet clogging is the most frustrating thing in any household. Understanding the reason for this can help prevent future blockage.

You must know the following few reasons that can clog your toilet so that you need not call a plumber Sydney too often.

1. Awareness about working of toilet

You must know about the working of your toilet and how the septic tank and sewage system works. Awareness can certainly prevent clogging of your drain.

2. Blocked plumbing vent

Over a period of time, all these vents may get clogged with leaves, animal nests and sticks. Blocked toilet vent can reduce drain flow and may cause regular clogs.

3. Check for blockages

Often problems may be due to things like washing machine output that can cause blockage. This can affect the entire system and also block toilet.

4. Clogged drain line

The age of drain line may work against and drain line clogs because of regular waste or paper products can clog that must be cleared.

5. Do not flush foreign objects

The toilet is usually fascinating to small children and often they throw toys and some other objects, which is often a very common cause of toilet clogging.

6. Do not flush wipes into septic system

Baby wipes should not be flushed though it looks reasonable that used wipes should go down your toilet, but unfortunately, it is not really the case.

7. External factors

Common maintenance issues often create clog too and the pipes lie outside can cause drain clogs, which may result in non-moving toilet drains.

8. First-generation, low-flow toilet

Toilets of early forms may often lack necessary amount of pressure for clearing the internal trap, which means that they can often develop clogs.

9. Flushing non-flushable items

Disposable tissues or paper towels should not be flushed down the toilet. Also, flushing any other items like cotton balls, dental floss or wet wipes can restrict drainage.

10. Hard water problems

Hard water can always calcify and form white substance, which is difficult to push out from toilet and it can shorten the gap waste which can pass through.

11. Older pipework

Usually, first signs of old pipework can be sediment backwash, however slow drains in the multiple toilets at home will be a clue for any bigger problem.

12. Slow septics

Often slow-moving septic systems can cause clogging of toilet at home. Any healthy septic system will be important to maintain having proper balance to get ideal drainage flow.

13.  Too little water in the tank

Enough pressure is needed for the waste to find its way out from the toilet, so the toilet tank must be full, when toilet is flushed.

14. Trap can also cause problems

Generally, S-trap can be installed which can block between toilet and also main drain line for causing a blockage.

15. Type of toilet

By using low flush toilets, you can reduce the amount of water for keeping water bills lower. However, often such types of toilets may cause problem due to low water pressure.

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