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Maintain the Beauty of Crystal Chandeliers by Cleaning it the Right Way

The decorative ceiling completes any home interiors. Nothing matches the classiness and grace that the crystal chandelier adds to one’s home. It is the best decorative lighting for the ceilings. Due to the presence of lead in crystals, they produce more light when compared to the glass chandeliers. To maintain your expensive decorative light fixture, you need to clean the crystals from time to time.

The cleaning process is very simple. You just need to dust off the chandelier using the soft feather duster. If you leave it undone for long, then it will be tough for you to clean it and retain its beauty. You might also need to use more products to clean the chandelier. Therefore, it is best to follow simple steps and clean it regularly.

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Cleaning techniques to clean your crystal chandeliers

  • You can even clean the chandelier by leaving it hanging. Many people think chandeliers must be disassembled to clean. However, you can clean it without disassembling if there is less dust on your chandelier. Then you can follow the below steps to clean it.
  1. Turn off the chandelier.
  2. Take a special cleaning agent and spray it on the crystals.
  3. Use a soft cloth and clean each crystal carefully.
  4. You can even spray the cleaner to the cloth and wipe each crystal.
  5. Finally, clean the metal parts of the chandelier with a dry cloth,
  6. This cleaning is suitable when there is less dust accumulated on the chandelier.
  • If it is covered with dust and left uncleaned for many days. Then, you just need to disassemble. Follow the below steps to safely clean the chandelier.
  1. Disconnect it from the power supply.
  2. Carefully remove the chandelier from the ceiling.
  3. Detach all the crystals carefully from it and make sure to put them on a soft cloth and do not cause any breaking.
  4. You would be needed to prepare a bath using lukewarm water and a little amount of mild soap.
  5. Once you prepare the bath, wash the crystals carefully with the bath, and then keep them on a clean cloth.
  6. Immediately wipe them in order to get rid of the soapy stains on it.
  7. Dry all the metal parts.
  8. Dry all the parts of it for several hours.
  9. Once all the parts are dry assemble everything back to their normal state.
  10. Finally, fix it back to its place and enjoy the same experience of a new chandelier great lighting.

These cleaning tips are very helpful only when you can handle it on your own. If you are not comfortable to clean them on your own. Then, you must contact the experts to get it cleaned and you can also make sure there is no damage when you call for the experts. So, be careful and choose what must be done.

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