Few Do’s and Don’ts About Hazard Perception

In order to obtain driver’s license, every learner license holder need to clear necessary driving test, which is very important milestone. For most people, the multiple-choice section will not be too difficult to clear as long as they have done enough practice.

However, most of the candidates often get trapped in hazard perception test, which is a bit tricky for few unsuspecting learners.

This test is made up of certain video clips, and hazard perception test will be so designed that it will ensure that learners will know how to identify any developing hazards, which is a key skill that is needed even while driving on the roads.

In the driving school too, the instructors will give you enough practice about identifying the potential hazards so that you know how you can clear your driving test successfully.

Following are few do’s and don’ts that you must know about hazard perception test.

Do click as you see any developing hazard

You should be able to quickly identify the potential developing hazards and click on them immediately to get your score. Following are few hazards that you must look for:

  • Pedestrians suddenly appearing into the road.
  • Cyclists suddenly appearing on road ahead.
  • Heavy vehicles either obstructing your view or suddenly changing lanes.
  • Parked cars blocking road ahead and you need to apply brake or change your lanes
  • Roadworks may force to change lanes or slow down

Do keep the eyes focussed

You need to keep your eyes focussed on the video clip to find any developing hazards. Also, in your real life driving too you must practice the same as most of these clips are almost like real road situation.

Do practice enough

While preparing for the driving test, you need to do enough practiced on the screen of your computer so that it will become your habit to identify the hazard the moment they are getting developed on the road.

Don’t click on pattern

Avoid clicking unnecessarily and recklessly just with the hope of getting a score. If you do that then the software is so designed that it will consider it as cheating the system. As a result, you will not be able to score any marks.

You must approach the test in very calm manner.

Don’t practice only on your phone

Most people try to practice all the driving test problems by using their mobile phone while they are in college or travelling. In mobile phone usually touch screen is used and in actual test mouse will be used.

Therefore, better practice by using your mouse with a computer screen so that you get enough practice in actual test conditions.

Don’t ignore its importance

Remember this test is very important and not only in point of view of clearing the driving test but also in actual practice too. If you become proficient in identifying hazards on the road then there will be very little chance of accidents.

Don’t be scared or get worried 

One important thing to note is you should not do it under pressure or with certain worry in your mind. Remain calm and composed while appearing for hazard perception test.

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