Tips to Top Up Your Shopping and Search Ad Strategy on Google

Retailers have very little chance to survive the tight competition unless they plan a solid PPC ad campaign for online product promotion. To succeed in a retail business, Google advertising plays a huge role. Statistics reveal that 60% of people use search engines to seek the product they desire and 81% of buyers do online research before making a decision. The Digital era has changed the way people purchase things.

Google ads are crucial to attaining your revenue goal. Retailers experience tough challenges when they advertise and promote their brand. So, how can retailers plan a solid PPC strategy to stand out on search result pages?

Determine goals and allocate budget

Should you use search ads or shopping ads or both? The answer will depend on your advertising goal.

  • Shopping ads focus will be on gaining speedy and easy ROI. Shopping ads offer all the information upfront including brand, price, product image, and reviews. Returns are higher than spending on ads. Clicks are qualified and conversion rates are high. As the shopper is aware of the price and is more influenced when they click on the ad.
  • Search or text ads produce high brand awareness, which in turn creates repeat buyers. Customers converted through shopping ads purchase only once and never return. The search ad allows building loyal customers.

Australian Internet Advertising offers Google ads management services. They have customers who allocate 80% of their campaign budget to shopping, but some are flexible. They increase the budget for the kind of ads that work best in reaching the goals and earn better ROI.

High-quality images and accurate pricing

Pricing has to be competitive, so ensure that it aligns with your competitor because shopping ads clearly display prices. Not having a unique selling point or best prices can be bad. Image quality also makes or breaks a chance of sales.

Defeat competition with merchant promotions, badges, and reviews

In the retail arena, competition is a constant battle. You need to be looking for ways to stand out, add more value, and build trust among customers to convert. You can use these techniques –

  • Product rating – Reviews will help to build credibility and influence the purchase decision.
  • Google Trusted Stores – Join the Goggles Trusted Stores, which helps to enhance conversion rate. It reassures potential buyers that your business offers a great shopping experience.
  • Google Merchant Promotions – Use Google Merchant Promotions to spur users to click your ad rather than the one next to yours.

Increase credibility including numbers in your ad

Numbers get digested easily. Incorporating them into your shopping ad can increase your credibility. Besides, numbers can also be used to increase the click rate of search ads. Compelling numbers like a percentage off or a low price point can help your brand to stand out.

Leverage remarketing

Remarketing works, but you need to strategize it for gaining more profitability. In the retail sector, a one-time buyer does not increase brand value, it is the loyal customers that return for more. It is human nature to forget a positive buying experience, so you need to remind them. Use remarketing strategies like upselling based on previous purchase products.

With the help of professionals at start stepping up your PPC ad campaign to stand out among competitors and build loyal customer base.

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