Tips To Choose The Perfect Chillum Pipes

If you are in search of a new pipe for smoking herbs, why not try chillum pipes? Chillum pipes otherwise known as chillums are the simpler way of experiencing smoking opium or marijuana. These are traditional and believed to be originated from India. They differ in their structure from the pipes that we normally use and provide a positive herb experience.


Chillum pipes are being used in the smoking industry for a long time. These pipes are usually conical hollow tubes and the chamber bowl is parallel to the mouthpiece. On the other hand, in traditional pipes, the chamber bowl sits on the top end of the piece.

Nowadays these chillum pipes are available in many different materials and many shapes. You can find chillums made of glass, stones, wood, marble, and even hand-carved exciting designs. If you are searching for an online head shop, visit Express Smoke Shop for a wide collection of chillum pipes of high-quality materials.

One important thing that makes chillums unique is, that they don’t have a carburetor that allows the control of the airflow. This makes chillum provide stronger and potential hits compared to other smoking devices.

Some chillums come with a stone, which is placed in the middle of the tube, to prevent tobacco or burnt ash from passing through your throat.

Chillums are available in three sizes. Here is the break down that allows you to choose the right size for you.

Small Chillums

Small chillum pipes are suitable for one-hitters and incredibly discreet. This small-sized device is easy to carry around and requires minimal maintenance. This can hold only a small quantity of herb that can provide you a single smoke session.

Medium Chillums

Medium chillum pipes are great for the everyday smoking purpose. This device can hold as much quantity as your standard-sized bowl. This size ensures that you can get plenty of hits for a long time.

Large Chillums

Large chillum pipes are for those who want to inhale more per session. This device gives the user a more potent experience. Before investing in large chillums, make sure that this size will be right for you. Since the herbs will be burning continuously, you may end up wasting the product.

Shape And Cost Of Chillums

There are so many shapes of chillums available in head shops. You can choose according to your need or choose the ones that attract you.

Some pipes are easy to conceal, easy carrying around, and provides a discreet way of the smoking experience. Depending on your need you can choose the bowl size to either large or small. Many chillums come with different color options too.

You can find more artistic glass chillums in head shops. If you are choosing glass chillums, ensure that you buy borosilicate glass chillums. Otherwise, you may end up in cheap glass chillums and scorch your herb. Borosilicate chillums can perform well even in high temperatures.

Chillums are available in a wide range of prices. The cost depends on the material used and the size of the chillum. There is nothing wrong with investing an extra few dollars for a chillum that can perform well for a longer time.

Enjoy a better smoking experience by choosing the best chillum of your choice.

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