Nordiska Neon And Diode AB For Sign And Advertising Industry

Nordiska Neon and Diode AB are one of the best suppliers to the sign and advertising industry. They are involved in the marketing and manufacturing of good quality attractive products for companies. They offer good prices and fulfill their commitments within the given time. They make sure that they work hard to make their clients happy and satisfied.

Origin and specialization

The company was set up in the year 1974 by Rainer Helmros. From the year 2001, the company is being handled by Johnie Apel. The company is based in the middle of Maladaren at Gjutjarnsgatan 1 in Backby. The companies are represented throughout Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. For more information, visit



This company is a reseller of GE Lighting Solutions and HYUNDAI LED. They sell the most trending products and the ones that will fit the client’s requirements. They use and sell products that ensure a prolonged warranty.

Always try to opt for GE Contour whenever you want to copy neon with a diode. Apart from providing this service, they also provide banners, converters, cables, and all the materials necessary for LED production.

  • Neon signs

They own workshops where they manufacture neon and individual service pipes that are up for sale along with whole signs. The materials and tools related to neon such as cables are also available.

Production of neon has been a significant part of their business strategy since the year 1947. Collaborations with artists are executed by them.

  • Assemblage and staffing

They are quite good at assembling and providing services for all kinds of signs. The advertising is carried out in the form of banners. Foils can also be used. The members of the team are approved, lift drivers. They have a good experience in working on projects that are executed at heights. The fitters are always available for any kind of project.


  • H-LED 358

The H-LED sponsored by HYUNDAI is fit for the double sided requirement. It is even well suited for edge lightening on a variety of metal signs from the top. The light spreads evenly with the help of narrow light angles that push it. This product is mounted quite easily and effortlessly.

  • Edge strip for double-sided signs

This product is manufactured in a way that it facilitates the dimensions and fitting of double-sided signs. The GE strip offers easy installation. It provides the best scattering of light and the highest quality. The backlight in two directions is expensive as compared to its installation cost. This product genuinely saves the material and time on the process of installation.

  • NEW Power Max 24V from GE

This product possesses an updated lens which is fixed at an angle of 170 degrees. It has enhanced brightness which makes it economical and easy to handle the equipment.

Also, the price of this product has now fallen quite significantly so this makes it much more affordable to be used by is highly efficient and aids in enhancing the aesthetics of the area.

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