Give your Feline CBD Oil to Calm Them During Anxiety Disorder

Pets are friends and family for all of us. Those who have pets know how much care is needed to keep them healthy. It is not only about their physical health, but mental wellness is also essential. We have various pet treats and health training classes for dogs but hardly do we hear the same for cats.

Every person needs time in adjusting to a new environment, and the same goes for animals. Like human beings, animals get stressed and nervous due to certain situations and environments. However, it is difficult to identify mental illness in pets as they’re difficult to communicate with. However, their behavior will tell you that they’re disturbed by something.

Just like humans, cats are sensitive to a new appearance, changes in daily routine or behavior like new home move, or newborn in the family, long-distance travel. There may be various treatments available, but cannabidiol is also helpful. As we know, CBD helps treat people with physical and mental troubles. Similarly, in cats, CBD helps in reducing their anxiety when they’re nervous due to any reason.

Pet CBD Company provides the best CBD oil for cats. These CBD products are designed especially for felines. This company was founded by two marketing professionals who love pets. They wanted to create organic and natural products that can heal some special animals. The store contains all types of CBD treats and CBD oil for dogs, cats, and horses.

When feline or humans are scared of something we either freeze or fight back. It is a normal reflex action that every species goes through. However, the continuous trigger of fright turns into an anxiety disorder. When cats are frightened or nervous, their heartbeat increases, the body produces adrenaline, and their muscles are ready for any kind of action. It helps them move fast when they feel trouble. There are various types of problems that create anxiety disorder in felines –

  • Phobia of loud noise, thunder, fireworks, person, or anything can create anxiety. Even the thought or memory of it can make them anxious.
  •  Panic is similar to phobia, but in this case, cats also escape if they fear something or see the danger. When cats panic, it takes time to calm them.
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD is a fear of various things, and this can make your cat suffer from various symptoms like unhappy, unenthusiastic, etc.
  • Separation anxiety, as the term suggests happens when felines get separated from their owners. It is commonly found in dogs, but cats are also affected by it.

When a cat suffers from anxiety disorder or stress, it shows these various symptoms –

  • Lethargic
  • Decreased or increased level of activities
  • Hiding or soiling in homes, clinging to the owner every time
  • Aggressive behavior scratching furniture or person
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite or weight
  • Excessive grooming and meowing
  • Restlessness

Spending time with your pets and giving more time to them is the best way to calm them. Any pet is anxious because they fear of being alone. When you show your continuous presence, it gives them a sense of security, which calms them a lot. Other than that, there are many other scents, plants, and herbs that provide them calmness, but CBD is quite in demand these days.

CBD alone has various benefits, but when it gets mixed with THC, it leaves a psychoactive effect on anyone. However, CBD Isolate, which is the purest form without THC content, doesn’t make your cats high but keeps them calm. However, the potential usage of CBD in felines is still being studied.

The dose of CBD for Feline

Many owners try tinctures that get infused in food or cat treats. It is the best way to give your cat because they can react to the nasty flavor of CBD if given orally. However, there are dosage guidelines which have to be followed properly to avoid any side effects –

  • Start with 0.25mg of dose, which is the minimum dosage of any animal.
  • The dosage also varies depending upon the size and weight of the cat. If the weight is more then the dosage will be slightly high.
  • If you don’t see any results even in a week, then start increasing dosage with 1mg to know the exact amount for better recovery.

Always give your pet CBD oil 20-30 minutes before the event triggers. For example, if your cat has travel phobia, then give your feline CBD oil 45 minutes before traveling. Before leaving your cat alone at home or a vet clinic, give them a dose, so they remain calm until you leave. The rest will be the clinic staff’s responsibility.

Ensure that you check with the veterinarian before giving your pet any CBD dosage. It may be a natural solution, but it still may not be suitable for your pet.

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