How to Sell Ringtones On iTunes (and Collect Royalties)?

People nowadays use different musical tunes as a ringtone to signal their incoming call. People prefer to have unique and exclusive ringtone so that their calls are separated from others. The expanded use of mobile phone users has given rise to a greater range of ringtones. Therefore, there is greater scope for creating ringtones and selling them.

MusicDigi is the distributor for you if you are in dilemma on how to sell ringtones online. They make it easy for you to make your ringtones sales amongst millions of smartphone users worldwide. MusicDigi dispenses your ringtones to iTunes, Apple Music within 24 hours of making an upload. They distribute worldwide with affordable fees of just $4.95 per ringtone.

How to create ringtones?

It is not required for you to be a professional musician to sell ringtones. You can either make ringtones by editing parts of popular songs, which would require you to get necessary licenses and authorizations. You might get caught up in copyright issues if you use well-recognized tunes of emerged artists.

The better way is to create your tune for a ringtone. You can create your beat or sound that is new to the audience. You can however always get inspired but try to make it your own.

The ringtone needs to be brief for less than 30 seconds with an alarming tune. MusicDigi is ringtone distributor and also a digital aggregator that can transfer any music of yours into a ringtone through their system. They carefully select catchy clips from the music that you make so that it is alarming and recognizable enough.

Ways to put your ringtones up for sales

Here are a few things to consider before making sales.

  • Understand the kind of ringtones that people would want.
  • Have quality audio editor software.
  • Try to be as original as possible.
  • Install voice recording software as well.
  • Make a blog page to give out information about ringtones in general.
  • Invite people to visit your page and get your ringtones.
  • Receive royalties from each purchase you make of your ringtone.

You can easily sell your ringtones with MusicDigi just like it helps you upload music to iTunes. The steps to follow are:

  • Create a MusicDigi account and upload your audio file consisting of a ringtone created by you. Make sure that the file is within the correct format. Design a nice and appealing cover art to go with the tune.
  • Within 24 hours of your upload, MusicDigi will deliver your ringtones to the iTunes store.
  • MusicDigi will directly transfer your earnings to your MusicDigi account. Note that you get paid every time someone purchases your ringtone from streaming stores.


The ringtone sales may have decreased, but the ringtone industry is still worth billions. That is why many people have started to make this their source of income. With the high demand for unique and new ringtones for their devices, the need for new ringtones to be created and sold has also contributed to the flourishing of this industry.

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