How Magical Are The CBD Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are not new but are still a pleasant and convenient bath additive. A good bath bomb offers skin nourishment, foam, and aromatherapy. Bath salts and bath bombs offer a relaxing bathing experience and are beneficial to the skin. There is an array of bath bombs available but as there is a CBD or cannabidiol boom, you will come across CBD-infused bath bombs.

How do CBD-infused bath bombs work?

Generally, bath bombs comprise basic ingredients like citric acid, baking soda along with essential oils, Epsom salts, natural coloring agent, and now CBD oil. CBD does not induce the high as it is non-psychoactive but you can enjoy its incredible benefits. Research and science have reported the potential of CBD in treating sleep disorder, chronic pain, and many other medical conditions.

High-quality CBD bath bombs deliver an invigorating relief to your whole body as the cannabinoid gets quickly absorb via skin pores. On Just CBD Store, you can buy all kinds of CBD products ranging from tablets and lotions to edibles and bath bombs. You could also search online for CBD gummies near me to find other stores.

How CBD bath bomb is magical?

  • Instant spa day at home – With a CBD-infused bath bomb enjoy a spa-like environment at home and pamper your body, mind, and soul. Dim the light, start relaxing melodies and enter the bathtub filled with CBD goodness. The cannabinoid slowly enters the pores and you start feeling relaxed, relieved, and pleasurable with the bathing experience.
  • Feel relieved – Epsom salt is used to eliminate body toxins, for ages. Epsom helps to restore balance in your body and skin. Besides, it relieves soreness in the muscles, regulates mood, and supports overall wellness. All these benefits are also associated with CBD, so when it combines with Epsom salt the improvement is twofold.
  • Feel relaxed – There are several scientific pieces of evidence reporting the positive impact of CBD on anxiety and stress. Stress damages your immune system and doctors prescribe pain killers or antidepressants. The prescribed medications are temporary and they accompany addiction risk. CBD interacts with your ECS or endocannabinoid system responsible for regulating many bodily functions like mood, sex, and appetite. CBD indirectly stabilizes and relaxes the effects of the ECS, so you can enjoy these benefits with the bath bomb.
  • Develop a glow – Bath bombs give you a visible glow. Epsom salt and warm water open skin pores and thus the blood flow increase across the body. Epsom salt removes the toxins, while essential oils and CBD compound is absorbed inside the skin. As toxins are out from your body, CBD actively works towards reducing pain and stress. This in turn enhances your overall mood and you start to glow.
  • Enjoy peaceful slumber – The fragrant warm water relaxes you physically and calms you mentally. Your skin gets moisturized and you feel soft and supple. Blood circulation increases and the inflammation associated with pain decreases. Brain releases melatonin, which allows sleeping the moment your head hits the pillow, after a bath.

The kick-in time of CBD-infused bath bombs depends on your metabolism and body mass to the bath bomb’s potency and size. A general recommendation is to immerse yourself in the bathtub for half-an-hour to enjoy the CBD’s entire benefits.


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