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Commercial Flooring Mat Styles – Common Placement and Style Mistakes to Avoid

Commercial floor mats are designed to protect the floor as well as reduce falls and slips. More than 80% of dirt enters your facility from the shoes of foot traffic. The amount of dirt that is collected on the floor is significant for a retail store where more than 1,000 customers visit. The tracked-in dirt is capable to degrade 42% of the foot finish. Therefore, tracked-in soil is the main cause that increases maintenance cost, so decrease the dirt amount entering the facility.

Commercial floor mats help to decrease tracked-in dirt significantly, which means savings against maintenance costs. Besides, it even decreases the cost of slip or fall insurance claims. However, the matting sector is concentrated with varieties of floor mat styles. Therefore, you need to choose an appropriate mat.

Ultimate Mats offer commercial-grade logo mats, which are high performance, durable, and aesthetic. The varieties or styles of commercial door mats you can choose include –

  • Scrape mats – Great outdoor option with nitrile rubber base designed to trap moisture and large particles like pebbles, mud, metal chips, ice, and more.
  • Brush mats – Place the coarse fiber woven mat at the building entrance. It is capable to hold and remove salt, debris, medium-sized dirt, and water.
  • Wipe or walk mats – The mats are designed from special woven yarns and great in showrooms, office area, and lobby. It traps grit, dirt, and fine dust. Thus your facility stays clean.
  • Logo floor mats – A great way to protect your floor as well as create brand awareness through placing them in the showroom or office lobby. It grabs customer’s attention as soon as they enter your facility. Customers receive a feeling of credibility before they communicate with your salesperson.
  • Anti-fatigue mats – Some employees stand for long hours, so their chances to suffer from fatigue and back pain increases. Anti-fatigue mats are soft and have pressure points that help them stay energetic all day.
  • Oil absorbent mats – A great product for oily spaces in the production area or shop. The industrial graded mat is constructed from a cotton pile and capable to absorb and hold industrial process fluids, solvents, and oils within a manufacturing environment.
  • Anti-slip mats – For wet areas like bathrooms and washrooms, anti-slip mats are an ideal solution.

Choosing the right kind of mat for a specific location makes a difference. It is not just essential for floor protection, but even for people.

Common errors associated with floor mats

  • Poor placement – Just loading the floors with wipe mats is a bad strategy. A lot of mats cause a trip hazard. Analyze the needs to determine the correct location and suitable floor mat.
  • Using wrong mats – Commercial walk floor mats or wipe mats or charcoal mats are commonly misused. Walk mats are suitable for the lobby and office, but are not appropriate in oily zones or shop floors.
  • Skimp floor coverage – Some retailers ignore floor mat coverage because they feel it is a waste of money. They must remember that tracked-in soil increases building maintenance costs. The cost of replacing the degraded floor and the price of fall& trip claims outweigh the investment made in floor mats.

Commercial floor mats to create a safe, clean, and non-slip environment!


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