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Factors That Influence the Cost of An Auto Insurance Policy

We spend hours looking through car options based on its features. Cars are our prized possessions that give us a sense of freedom, but very few put more thought when looking for an auto insurance plan. Almost all states have made it compulsory for drivers to hold auto insurance since the financial loss tends to be high in case of accidents.

Auto insurance provides on-road protection to drivers and helps to cover costs that result from collisions, natural disasters, theft or other unforeseen circumstances. A good insurance plan prevents you from spending thousands of dollars in injuries and damages. The premium amount quoted by insurance companies may vary largely making it hard for you to choose one.

Information that may be asked before auto insurance providers present a quote:

  • Personal information like birth date, address, home ownership status etc
  • Driver license
  • Social security number
  • Car details
  • Driving record of everyone who you wish to include in the policy
  • Insurance history
  • Vehicle safety specs
  • Employment details

Factors that determine the insurance plan premium:

Driving record:

If you have a clean driving record your premium tends to be lower. However, if you have made serious traffic violations or involved in accidents, expect to pay more for insurance. If the latter is your case and you are looking for a good deal, consider the general quote recommended by Robert Truly. Truly Insurance is the best online resource for genuine insurance company reviews.

Car usage:

The higher the car usage, the greater is the risk of accident. Expect to spend more on premium f you use your car everyday to commute to work and travel long-distances often. Those who use their car only occasionally are quoted a low premium.


The location of a person dictates a person’s insurance premium amount. The factors which are taken into consideration are:

  • Rate of vandalism, theft and accidents
  • Security of the place you park the car
  • Cost and frequency of litigation
  • Car repair costs
  • Prevalence of auto insurance fraud
  • Weather trends


Older and experienced drivers are less likely to be involved in collisions than young adults. The premium tends to be higher for those aged 25 and below for obvious reasons.

Credit score:

People with higher credit score are less likely to file for car insurance claims. Since better credit is associated with low risk, people will a good credit score pay a lesser premium value.


As per statistics women were found to be less involved in collisions and less likely to drive under the influence of substances due to which they are eligible for a discounted premium.

Need for comparing auto insurance quotes:

Compare quotes from at least 3 insurance companies before finalizing on a plan. Though insurers look at similar factors before quoting a price, you may notice that the quoted price varies widely since each company presents quotes based on some changing factors and different set of inclusions. Shop around to find the best rate.

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